Men’s & Ladies Club Championship Results

August 12th & 13th – 2017


IMPORTANT NOTE: The Idaho Statesman will no longer posts results of ANY local golf course Tournaments or Hole-in-One accomplishments… which includes Lakeview Golf Club


Nick Roberts, Ruth Jackson, Kay Stevenson, Steve McDonough


LLGA Super Swingers Results (1-Day Only)



1st Place Gross121Betty Carter
1st Place Net81Bev Hiatt


LLGA Flight #1 ResultsScoreNameAwards
1st Place Gross174Ruth JacksonLadies Club Champion
1st Place Net137Kay StevensonSenior Club Champion
2nd Place Net141Mui Stowe

LLGA Flight #2 ResultsScoreName
1st Place Gross186Deb Sanders
1st Place Net139Mary Callan
T-2 Net146Laree Goodman
T-2 Net146Gail Gabbard

LMGA Champ Flight ResultsScoreNameAwards
1st Place Gross142Nick RobertsMen's Club Champion
2nd Place Gross151Todd Ostrom
3rd Place Gross152Steve McDonoughSenior Club Champion
1st Place Net134Jamie Keeton
2nd Place Net135Marty Lane
T-3 Net140Ken Hamer
T-3 Net140Cameron McFaddan

LMGA Flight #1 ResultsScoreName
1st Place Gross161Josh Groesbeck
2nd Place Gross165Jim Correia
3rd Place Gross168Jerry Fleming
1st Place Net138Rick Gehrke
2nd Place Net141Dusty Tofteland
3rd Place Net144Ed Renna

LMGA Flight #2 ResultsScoreName
1st Place Gross163Wes Prouty
2nd Place Gross172Dennis Tofteland
3rd Place Gross181Greg Goodman
1st Place Net135Tracy Dixon
2nd Place Net147Scott Sedlacek
T-3 Net149Don Voshall
T-3 Net149Les Quinn

LMGA Flight #3 ResultsScoreName
1st Place Gross171Dean Shane
2nd Place Gross187Norm Seymour
3rd Place Gross189Carl Adams
1st Place Net134Dick Sedlacek
2nd Place Net142Richard Bailey
3rd Place Net144Chris Cooney